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“It was the most questions EVER seen at an author chat!”

Oh, my goodness! I’m still buzzing after last night’s incredible author chat with Facebook’s Crime Book Club. If you aren’t already a member, then you really should join because the passion, enthusiasm, and warmth of the readers last night was like being wrapped in a cosy blanket.

I’ll admit, as per usual, I was incredibly nervous before the event. At the start of the week I had my usual “I wonder if I can get out of this” thought, then, as usual, told myself I was being ridiculous (luckily, the ‘can I get out of this’ panic only ever lasts for a fleeting five minutes). No, I would go along and make the event as fun as it could be when only myself and the organiser turned up. Seriously, I was convinced that was what would happen. But what the hell, I started to get excited as well as nervous, just in case the event was a success.

Then something weird happened through yesterday afternoon. People were posting questions early, because they were so keen to take part. By 4pm, I was feeling really happy – even if no one actually attended the event, there were plenty of questions to keep me occupied. Hurray!

At 6.30pm, the Author Chat proper kicked off. And, wow, there were loads of people there! All eager to get involved, and know more about me. Little old me! Even more questions were posted, and I posed a couple of fun ones myself, to keep everyone involved. A huge glow of positivity emanated from the whole event, and I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I typed away.

…Do I feel trapped in this genre because of my success? Has it surprised me how people have taken to Adam? What’s been the single most scary moment in my writing career? Do I get starstruck meeting other authors? Where do I get my ideas from? What’s my next novel about? …

In fact, there were so many questions that my fingers were almost a blur! The organiser, the absolutely fabulous Shell Baker, who also has Chelle’s Book Reviews, told me it was the most questions EVER seen at an author chat. It was supposed to run until 8pm, then got extended to 8.30pm, and I was still chatting online at 9pm!

I also offered a prize – one lucky person would be chosen at random to have a character named after them in my latest book. The winner was…Ellen Devonport. Congratulations to her! She’s already told me I’ve made her week…and that I can kill her, if I want!

The entire evening really was a fabulous experience and I count myself very lucky to have been on the receiving end of it. Thank you so much, Facebook’s Crime Book Club!

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