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‘Exquisite, beautiful, emotionally-charged writing’ #Bookreview of THE DARKEST LIES via

“I have not cried like this over a book in some time”

What did I say in my last post? For every low, there are ten highs. For every fear, there are ten hopes. For every awful review, there are ten great ones that help me to keep going. Well, I didn’t get ten reviews today, but I did received a lovely message on my Facebook author page, from a reader all the way out in Alaska, telling me that she loves my books, and is currently reading Invisible. Hurray!

And then I spotted a fabulous review for THE DARKEST LIES, over on Twitter! BR Maycock’s Book Blog writes: “This will very likely figure in my ‘best of’ at the end of the year, as it was a book that stayed with me long after I’d moved on.”

BR Haycock describes herself as a “new blogger with a thirst for chick lit, women’s fiction and anything else that catches her attention! Out to find as many real 4 and 5 star books as possible.”

Luckily, she felt The Darkest Lies fit the bill. “Boy was this a standout!” she wrote. “Exquisite, beautiful, emotionally-charged writing and settings, tension and chills.”

She adds: “I have to say I have not cried like this over a book in some time.”

To read the review in full, and find out what other books BR Haycock recommends, visit her website.

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