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DAY 11 GIVEAWAY: A glimpse of the future #amwriting #writerslife

After a summer of being dislocated writing-wise, things have been clicking into place nicely in recent weeks. The creation of my new psychological thriller feels really comfortable, everything about it seems ‘right’, and it’s throwing up some wonderful little surprises as I’m going along. It’s exhilarating and liberating. I’m so excited about this one, which will hopefully be with you in late spring/early summer.

In addition, a manuscript that I spent months on before having to abandon it because it DIDN’T feel right or comfortable, has been calling to me again. I’m taking it slowly, working on it in my spare time, and finally – yes, finally – I think I’ve ‘found’ the lead character. She never felt right, throughout all the months of working on it, and I think that’s one of the reasons why the plot wouldn’t resolve itself satisfactorily to me. How could it, when the person driving the narrative felt like an imposter? I like this new, improved version, though. She’s so different from my first imaginings, and is turning everything on its head as a result – in a good way! It may be a long time before she’s ready to be introduced to the world, but I have a feeling she’ll be worth the wait.


I also find myself revisiting another story I was forced to abandon last year for various reasons. There’s no time to work on it properly right now, but I’m making notes galore, as ideas for it keep knocking on my brain, refusing to be ignored.

Suddenly, the writing mojo is well and truly back and I feel like myself again. I’m as excited as a child on Christmas Day as I unwrap my stories and find out what’s waiting inside them.


GIVEAWAY! How to enter

From 19 November until 30 November inclusive, my posts on this blog will contain a festive reference. Find it, and then either comment on the post or email Every person who answers correctly will be entered into a prize draw. The competition closes on Thursday 7 December. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on Friday 8 December.

So, can you find today’s Christmas reference in this post? Let me know!

What am I giving away?

ONE lucky winner will receive a SIGNED COPY of Her Last Secret and some chocolate to indulge in while reading.

THREE lucky winners will receive a SIGNED COPY of The Darkest Lies and some chocolate to indulge in while reading.

ONE lucky winner will receive a SIGNED COPY of Flowers For The Dead and some chocolate to indulge in while reading.

TWO lucky winners will receive an audio book of Her Last Secret and some chocolate to indulge in while listening.

ONE very lucky winner will have a CHARACTER NAMED AFTER THEM in my next book. *


As well as this competition, check out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and my website for more ways to enter over the next 12 days. You can enter as many times as you want!

* Please note that the character will have your name but will not be based in any way upon you or any person living or dead. They may be a good person or a bad person – they could even be a killer. So be prepared! The part they play may be large or small. Entry into the competition is taken as agreement to these conditions. Thank you.

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