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FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, by Amazon bestseller Barbara Copperthwaite

FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, by Amazon bestseller Barbara Copperthwaite

The first independent reviews for FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD are in – and have given the novel a huge thumbs up. The psychological crime thriller has been praised not just for being a page-turner, but also for creating a unique protagonist, and giving a perspective on serial killers that has never been done before.

I couldn’t be more happy with the reception my book has been given so far!

“Flowers For The Dead is the first book I have read by this author and after reading this one it certainly will not be the last!” writes By The Letter Book Reviews, adding: “Adam Bourne is a serial killer like no other that I have read about.

“I could feel through the author’s writing the emotion that Laura was going through of disbelief, shock and, over all, the awful feeling of being scared, then terror. It really gives you an insight into how a victim must feel through being terrorised by a crazed stalker.”

But she also was impressed with the emotional depth of the novel. “I have to say the relationship between Adam and his grandmother is very endearing and I really enjoyed reading of the time they spent together.

“Flowers For The Dead is a very creepy and quite an intense read. Towards the end the story really picks up pace and had me right on the edge of my seat,” she concludes.

To read Sarah’s full review of FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, visit By The Letter Book Reviews.

Comfy Reading is also a fan of FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, describing its plot as : “A terrific way to change up the game in a thriller novel.”

“I really enjoyed how the author puts you in the mind of the victim, and the murderer. This, although disturbing, was a really interesting and fresh way to tell a story.”

Visit Comfy Reading to see the full review.

Thank you so much to those reviewers for taking the time to read my novel and post their thoughts. I hope they are the start of many more happy readers to come!

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