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Books endings, and new beginnings #amwriting #amediting #writerslife #rescuedogs

I’ve finished my new book! Yippee!

A belated Happy Easter to you all! What have you been up to? I hope you had a wonderful time, relaxing with loved ones and perhaps finding time to read a good book or two?

Apologies for the lateness, but once you hear why, I’m sure you’ll understand… I’ve finished my new book! Yippee!

I’ve sent it to my editor and am now waiting nervously to hear back from her. This is always the worst part of the writing process, because there is always The Fear squatting in the back of my mind that she’ll hate it (hence my new, oft repeated mantra ‘please like it, please like it!’). Argh! So please keep everything crossed for me that it will be good news, and she’ll reply back with only minimal changes. This, of course, is where a good editor is vital and can make all the difference to a book – and I’m so lucky that my editor and I have such a brilliant relationship. I trust her totally, and her suggestions always push my work that little bit further, improving all the way.

While I’m waiting to hear back, I’ve enjoyed a couple of days off getting to know my new dog, Buddy. He was rescued from a kill station in Gran Canaria by a fabulous Facebook group called Foreign Furries, which I’d really recommend to anyone. Despite being a stray before, he’s settling into his new home really well and, although he and Scamp mainly ignore each other, there are some wonderful moments of play, too. It’s hard to believe he’s only been with us for a week!

While all of us were out for a walk over Easter, an idea popped into my head. One that is refusing to budge…I’ve made some notes…I’ve got an idea for the opening chapter, which I’ve had to write down before I forget it…I’ve started writing again. What’s that saying about there being no rest for the wicked?!


  1. Featured image by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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