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BLOOD TYPE: Jane Isaac @JaneIsaacAuthor @Legend_Press #writingtips #writerslife


CRIME AUTHORS SPILL THEIR GUTS ABOUT WRITING. Every Thursday top-notch authors of psychological thrillers and crime fiction share their writing secrets – and the secrets to their success – with you and me.

“I’m incredibly hard on myself because I feel that every book should be better than the last.”

This week: Jane Isaac

Tell us about yourself…

Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for inviting me to your lovely blog. My name is Jane Isaac and I write both the DCI Helen Lavery and the DI Will Jackman

series. My books have been described as detective fiction with a psychological edge and my next novel, The Lies Within, was released on 2nd May 2017.

How do you pick character names? Do any have special meaning to you?

I find names incredibly difficult and spend a long time working through lists of possibles to come up with a name that I feel ‘fits’ a character. It’s also important to ensure that names in your book aren’t similar too, or all start with the same letter, so that they don’t confuse the reader. I use an alphabetical index system for each book (a great tip another writer gave me a few years ago) for names, descriptions and potted histories of each character, so that I don’t have too many people with similar names or features.

I have noticed that I have a penchant for character names ending with the letter ‘a’ though. Throughout my books I have an Eva, an Anna and a Carmela. Even my own daughter is called Ella! TO READ IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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