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Back to the day job…

My kingfisher sketch for the article

My kingfisher sketch for the article

With FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD still a bestseller, it’s been a little surreal to have to go back to my day job as a journalist. But I started this week interviewing a couple who almost died when a serial arsonist set fire to their home. This was the sixth place this random, twisted stranger had targeted, and luckily he was caught soon after, but the devastation to their property took months to fix – and the emotional impact can still be felt.

I also had to take part in a photoshoot for another article I’m writing, this time on how to boost one’s spirituality. I’ve hugged a tree, attempted to see my aura (failed, sadly), counted my blessings, and done all manner of other things during my 21 day challenge for the magazine. I’m not sure if I feel more spiritual, but I do feel more relaxed and positive, so I suppose that is the same thing?

It’s definitely been fun, that’s for sure, and I’ve rediscovered my love for yoga and drawing as a result (they were another part of the challenge. One was to connect with my creativity, so I drew a heron and a kingfisher; another was to simply try yoga. I’d forgotten how good it made me feel!)

The shoot was less fun, though, as I really dislike having my photo taken, but I take my hat off to the photographer, Robin, who managed a miracle – to put me at ease in from of a camera! The funniest thing, though was when I had to ‘dance energetically’ for the camera…whilst staying still. Striking a dynamic pose was something of a challenge, and I pitied poor Robin as he tried to show me what to do. I am not a natural model! We got there in the end though – phew!

I’ve also been busy working on my non-fiction nature book, putting the final touches to it before publication at the end of this month. To say it’s a little different from my crime novels is an understatement; for starters, as it’s based on my wildlife blog, there isn’t a murder in sight!

My sketch of a grey heron

My sketch of a grey heron

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