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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

A piece of cake?


Will giving a talk be a piece of cake?

I’m a writer. That means that my eloquence is at its best when I am alone, have lots of time to think, and am typing out my thoughts – in other words, not when I’m expected to speak in a room full of people. But, that’s exactly what I will be doing on Thursday, when I pop in to the Thursday Night Book Club held at Mim’s Cafe and Coffee Bar, in Bridgetown, Cannock.

I’ll be chatting about my journey as an author, how a pint of milk inspired one of my bestsellers, and scaring everyone with an extract of my latest psychological crime thriller.

This is my first face-to-face reading and Q&A session, so I’ll admit to being a bit nervous. My dog thinks I’ve gone mad, as I sit practising reading aloud, and selfishly disturbing her ‘lying on her back with all four legs in the air’ time. I think she’s just about forgiven me, though.

Joking aside, it’s a very exciting time, and feels like another step on my journey to becoming an established author. The people I’ve ‘met’ through social media while promoting my book have been so wonderful, warm and welcoming, and it will be great to meet some of them in the flesh.

Still, if any of you have any advice regarding events such as these, then I’m all ears. And if you’re in the Cannock area, do drop in! Even if the speaker is rubbish(!) I’ve heard the cake in the cafe is exceedingly good!

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