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  • Barbara Copperthwaite

Review: DEAD STAR ISLAND, by Andrew Shantos

"An entertaining beach read"


Sixteen superstars the world thinks are dead. One killer, determined to finish the job... Somewhere in the Indonesian archipelago is a tropical island paradise with some very unusual residents...Elvis, Marilyn, Jimi and others have been living for decades in peace and anonymity on Dead Star Island. But someone is murdering them, one by one, in bizarre reconstructions of their previous deaths. Mario Gunzabo was once Greece's top detective. Now a one-armed tennis coach living in southeast England, he receives an unexpected call from his old school friend, Christian Adhis, Director of Dead Star Island. Gunzabo is secretly transported to the island, with two simple instructions: First - catch the Deja Vu Killer before he strikes again. Second - don't get too drunk in the process.


The premise is a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true: all those stars who have died under slightly mysterious circumstances really did fake their deaths. Now they are all living on Dead Star Island, a secret retreat where they can live away from the constant glare of publicity.

It’s a silly yet fascinating idea. This book is an imaginative idea, and has some really imaginative turns of phrase. It won’t leave you gasping aloud at the twists and turns, but it is an entertaining beach read.

Dead Start Island, published by Alliance Publishing Press, is on sale from Thursday 25 June 2015.

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