Go Be Wild greetings cards, Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild

13 July 2015


My nature website, Go Be Wild, is branching out to offer a unique, bespoke greetings card service that puts the customer completely in control, and also promotes nature conservation.

On Go Be Wild, promoting a love of nature is always a priority. The photographs I take show a slice of wildlife that I want to share with people – and now they can share with loved ones too, with a Go Be Wild greetings card pack.

Uniquely, for a card service, people can discover where exactly the shot was taken, and the story behind it, thanks to the Wild Blog, which is based mainly but not exclusively around Highbury Park, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

There are also lots of exciting ways through the entire site to learn more about the birds, plants, animals, and insects, and how to conserve them. 

Customers can order packs of five, ten or twenty cards – and the mix of images is entirely up to them.

Go Be Wild greetings cards is a bespoke service that is built around their wants and needs. Whatever photograph YOU want from the entire site is available to have. Just ask, and it will be printed and sent out to you.*

What’s more, within the packs you can choose to have any number of one design that you like. For example, each card in a pack of five could be a completely different design. Or you can choose two of one image, and three of another to make up the five. Or three different cards, then double up on one image. Or… There are so many options!

Go Be Wild greetings cards is a fantastic, totally flexible service. The only difficulty? Making up your mind which images you want.

For more information, visit


Go Be Wild greetings cards, Barbara Copperthwaite, Go Be Wild
Meet me at the launch party for New Street authors

13 July 2015


Tonight is the launch party for New Street authors, a collective of independent, self-publishing writers based in and around Birmingham. As well as a chance to meet fellow authors, there is going to be a discussion on what the digital self-publishing revolution means for writers today - and I have been invited to join the discussion panel! I am feeling very honoured, and cannot wait to meet everyone. If you want to come along, then be at the Dark Horse, in Moseley, at 7.30pm. See you there!


EXCLUSIVE! Cover for FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD is revealed!

9 June 2015


The new cover for upcoming psychological thriller FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD has been unveiled.

The artwork was created by Paul Humphreys, who was also responsible for the stunning cover of Invisible.

I love the solidity of the words, which look like stone statues, and the delicate movement of the petals blowing across them as the flowers themselves fade and die. As this is a crime novel, I didn’t want anything that looked romantic, which would be such an easy route to go down with anything flowery. I think this has got it spot on, and even the climbing flowers wrapping around the ‘F’ seem to be clinging to it and choking it. An atmospheric cover for a tale of stalking, murder, love and loss...



New novel's title revealed!

17 May 2015


I am very excited to reveal that the title of my second novel is...drumroll, please...FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD. 

The psychological crime thriller follows Adam as he grows up - and into a serial killer whose motivation is not hatred but love.

More information about Flowers for the Dead will be shared soon! 

Incredible wildlife books GIVEAWAY on Go Be Wild!

2 May 2015


If you love a freebie (and who doesn't?!) then pop over to my wildlife website, Go Be Wild! The entire shortlist for the Thwaites Wainwrite Prize 2015 is being given away to one lucky reader - and it could be you! Just visit or click here for you chance to enter.

Debut novel STILL a chart topper

23 February 2015


Almost a year after its release, Invisible, is still proving a massive hit with readers. This week the psychological crime thriller once again entered Amazon's best-sellers list.

The chart topper is currently featuring on the Kindle Murder Top 100; a remarkable feat for an indie book, which is a debut novel for its author. Previously it has peaked at Number Six in this category.

Invisible has been praised by readers and critics alike. Real People magazine wrote:"Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!". Bella magazine described it as "one of the most assured debuts of the year" and "totally gripping with scarily believable characters." Crime Confidential magazine made it its Star Read for autumn.

To see more, go to the 'Author' page.



7 November 2014


Today popular novel 'Invisible' passed yet another milestone, enjoying its 100th day as an official Best Seller.

This means that it has spent most of its 190 days on sale as one of Amazon's most popular Kindle books in their Murder chart - hitting their Top Ten, and peaking at Number Six.

This is a remarkable achievement for a self-published debut novel, and I'm over the moon. This time last year I was still wondering if I was capable of finishing the book, let alone publishing it - and then seeing it enter the Top 100. Every day, I'm still amazed by the success it has achieved. Thanks to everyone who has bought it.



7 November 2014


A private counselling and therapy practice has given fictional novel 'Invisible' its backing by choosing to review it on its website.

The Marple Centre only chooses novel's with a strong, realistic psychological theme for their occasional book section.

"The journalistic style of writing allows the reader to enter the world of another; the narrative highlights the harsh realities of toxic relationships, and explores the value of psychological therapy," it reads.

I wanted to write a book that was not only gripping but also grounded in the realms of possibility, and emotionally true. Getting the seal of approval from mental health experts such as this, and also hearing from women who have been in abusive relationships, makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I achieved that a little.

To read the review in full

Invisible, bestselling book by Barbara Copperthwaite

2 November 2014


October saw psychological crime thriller Invisible mark six months on sale - and simulateously celebrate 95 days as a best seller.

The hit debut novel sat comfortably at Number 29 on Amazon's Kindle Murder chart for its anniversary, and reached Number 2 in the Kindle Countdown Deals during a week-long celebratory price promotion. This means half of its on-sale time has been as an official Best Seller.

Invisible has enjoyed phenominal success since its publication. In the last six months it has:


  • Spent 95 days as a Kindle Murder Bestseller, peaking at Number 6.

  • Hit Number 50 in the Kindle Thriller chart.

  • Been Number 2 in the Kindle Countdown Deals twice during separate celebratory price promotions.

  • Hit Number 210 in the entire Paid-For Kindle store (which includes all genres).

  • Received critical praise from women's weekly magazines Bella and Real People. "Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year," said Bella. "Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!" said Real People magazine.

  • Was named Autumn's Star Read by specialist magazine Crime Confidential, beating off competition from international big-hitters such as Mark Billingham.

  • Been the ONLY self-published book in the Kindle Murder Top Ten.


To see full stories please scroll down.



Top crime magazine names Invisible best novel

Crime Confidential names Invisible its 'Star Read'

11 September 2014


Indy book Invisible has beaten off competition from international best-selling authors signed to massive publishing houses - to be named Star Read by a national magazine.

Crime Confidential, owned by Hearst, is a big-hitting specialist title. It rounded up books from the likes of Luke Delaney, Camilla Lackberg, Louise Penny, and Mark Billingham, all of whom are global smashes. But it was self-published debut novel Invisible which was chosen to be head and shoulders above the competition.

"This psychological thriller will stay with you for a long time after you've put it down," the magazine wrote, adding: "You immediately feel like you know the central character."

It praised the growing "sense of unease that something isn't right" that builds from the start. "By concentrating on just one person's perspective, it is both totally believable and, at times, claustrophobically intense."

The review can be read in full in the picture on the right. Crime Confidential is out now, for eight weeks.

To buy Invisible, simply click on the link.


Invisible novel is bestseller
Incredible sales for debut indie novel Invisible

8 September 2014


Psychological crime thriller Invisible is still recording strong sales and maintaining its presence among Amazon's bestsellers.

The hit debut novel is currently Number 67 in the Kindle Murder charts, where it has been a prominent feature for well over two months. Historically, independently-published debut novels tend to sell very poorly and often sink without trace. Invisible has completely bucked that trend, proving a hit with critics and readers alike.

Don't want to miss out on reading the book everyone is talking about? Simply click the link below to be taken to Amazon.

Debut novel celebrates 71 days as chart topper

1 September 2014


Over the weekend Invisible once again entered Amazon's best-sellers list.

The chart topper has now spent an incredible total of 71 days in the Kindle Murder Top 100; a remarkable feat for an indie book.

This month will also see the psychological thriller featured in Real People's Crime Confidential magazine. More to come on this exciting news later!

Real People magazine previously said of Invisible: "Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!"


Invisible takes social media by storm!
Debut novel is trending on Twitter

5 August 2014


   Psychological crime thriller Invisible has got everyone talking! The bestseller has been trending on Twitter, alongside social media big hitters such as BBC Nature and Stephen Fry. This is an incredible achievement for an indie book. 

   The novel has been on Amazon's bestsellers list (Kindle Murder) for 60 days today. It is a twisted journey through one woman's marriage as her husband is accused of commiting terrible crimes and she struggles to find the truth - and herself - even as the world judges her.

   Readers and reviewers alike have heaped praise on it, with Bella magazine describing it as "one of the most assured debuts of the year" with "scarily believable characters". Real People magazine adds: "Dark, gripping, twisted - we loved it!"

Readers' questions are in - now see the answers

2 August 2014


All of this week readers had the unique opportunity to me any questions they wanted about Invisible, my next novel, the writing process...even what my favourite sandwich filling is, if they chose (though I'm not sure why they would want to kow the answer to that last one!)

It's a bit of fun to celebrate summer and Invisible's continued Bestseller status. I've collected everything I received via Twitter, Facebook and email, and now the answers are in. They can be read by clicking here.

New innovation #pageaday takes place through August

31 July 2014


August sees the launch of #pageaday What's that I hear you ask? Well, it's where I post a page from Invisible every single day this month onto my Facebook page. Why? So that people who have not yet bought Invisible can get a little teaser of it and hopefully like what they see, and go on to buy the book!

A new page will be posted every day, and the previous day's post removed - so people must check every day if they are to keep up to date.

I will also be Tweeting excerpts, so if you haven't read Invisible yet, keep an eye on my Twitter feed and Facebook page!

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Debut novel celebrates 50 days as Bestseller!

24 July 2014


Psychological crime thriller Invisible has been an Amazon Bestseller for 50 days today.

The debut novel first entered Amazon's Kindle Murder Top 100 just weeks after its release, and stayed there for ten days. It re-entered the chart forty days ago - and hasn't left since, peaking at Number 6.

It has also featured on the Kindle Thriller Bestsellers' list, reaching Number 50. And was Number 2 for most of its time on the Kindle Countdown Deals chart.

Invisible depicts one woman as her life falls apart because of the horrific actions of her husband. She is the one victim of crime no one sees - or cares about. Novelist Barbara Copperthwaite has won praise for its thought-provoking nature from readers and critics alike.


Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller
Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller
Chart-topping Invisible's success continues

19 July 2014


A incredible 35 days after entering the chart, Invisible is still a Bestseller.

The psychological thriller is a debut novel about the one victim of crime no one ever thinks of or cares about.

It first charted as an Amazon Bestseller (Kindle Murder category) just weeks after its release, and stayed there for ten days. This second time it has built on its past success and cemeted itself firmly as a hit with readers.

It has also been praised by critics, with glowing reviews from national women's weekly magazines Bella and Real People.


"Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year," said Bella. "Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!" said Real People magazine.

Debut novel celebrates ONE MONTH as chart topper

14 July 2014


Psychological thriller Invisible is celebrating a stellar month. It has been an Amazon Bestseller for 30 days consecutively today, and enjoyed almost a fortnight at the top prior to that.

In total the hit debut novel has:

  • Spent 40 days as a Kindle Murder Bestseller, peaking at Number 6.

  • Hit Number 50 in the Kindle Thriller chart.

  • Was Number 2 in the Kindle Countdown Deals whilst a celebratory price promotion ran last week.

  • Hit Number 210 in the entire Paid-For Kindle store (which includes all genres).

  • Received critical praise from women's weekly magazines Bella* and Real People. "Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year," said Bella. "Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!" said Real People magazine.


* To see Bella's review in full please scroll down to 17 June.

Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller

INVISIBLE topping three bestsellers' lists

12 July 2014


The incredible success of debut novel Invisible continues unabated, as it now tops three separate Amazon charts.

For the last FOUR DAYS it had been Number 6 on Bestsellers (Kindle Murder), Number 50 on Bestsellers (Kindle Thrillers) and Number 2 on the Kindle Countdown list.

The psychological crime thriller has been charting as a bestseller for almost half of its time on sale* - a considerable feat for a self-published novel, proved by the fact that, at the time of writing, it is the ONLY indie book in the Kindle Murder Top Ten.




* Invisible has been on sale for 101 days, since April 2, 2014.

Invisible, bestselling book by Barbara Copperthwaite
Debut novel Bestseller hits new chart high

7 July 2014


Invisible, the psychological crime thriller that has got everyone talking, has hit a new chart high today. The novel, which marks my debut, has climbed five places in one day, and is now sitting at number 13 on Amazon's Kindle Bestsellers list (murder category).

It has received great reviews from readers and the media alike, with Bella magazine saying it is "one of the most assured debuts of the year" with "totally gripping and scarily believable characters." Real People magazine adds that the book is "dark, gripping, twisted."

The tale follows one woman as she lives in blissful denial about just what her husband is up to; and how her world falls apart as the full horror becomes harder and harder to ignore. Invisible is about the one victim of crime no one sees...


Buy Invisible now! At the time of writing it is on special offer - just 99p!



Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller
Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller
Breaking its own records: Invisible smashes into Bestseller Top 20

6 July 2014


Debut novel Invisible has smashed into Amazon's Top 20 Bestsellers' list (Kindle murder category) - and in doing so has beaten its own previous record high of Number 25. The psychological crime thriller now sits at number 18 on the chart.

It is currently on special offer, in celebration of being a bestseller for 22 days consecutively. If you want to buy Invisible simply click on the 'buy' button below.



Celebrate Invisible's 21st with me!

5 July 2014


Today marks Invisible's 21st consecutive day as a Bestseller! To celebrate this amazing news, I have slashed the price for a limited time only, so that even more people can enjoy my debut novel - for just 99p!

Invisible has featured on Amazon's Kindle Bestsellers (Murder category) list for well over a month in total, first entering for a fortnight, then re-entering for what has now been 21 days. The psychological crime thriller is proving a hit with readers and critics alike, with Real People magazine describing it as: "Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!" And Bella magazine said: "Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year."

The price promotion is for the Kindle edition of the book only, and is only available for six days - so hurry to grab your bargain copy.

Don't forget, you can also follow Invisible on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with news.

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Invisible STILL on Bestseller list!

4 July 2014


Twenty days after entering the Bestseller list for the second time since its launch, debut novel Invisible is STILL sitting pretty.

The psychological crime thriller had previously spent two weeks on Amazon's top 100 Kindle Murder Bestsellers in May, just a short time after it first hit the shelves on April 2 this year. It entered again on Sunday 15 June, and hasn't left since. This has been without any price promotion, its popularity building purely on the strength of recommendation.


Want to read the book everyone's talking about? Just click the button!



Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite, an Amazon bestseller
New milestone for Invisible - bestsellers' list record

29 June 2014


Psychological thriller Invisible has set a new record for itself by celebrating a very impressive milestone. Today marks the 14th consecutive day that the novel has featured in Amazon's Bestseller list (Kindle Murder category).

That means that in the three months that Invisible has been on sale, one entire month has been spent in total as a Best Seller. The majority of that time has been at full price, and firmly inside the Top 40, peaking at number 25. For an Indie author this is a remarkable achievement, as sadly so many self-published author's books since without trace.


Barbara Copperthwaite trending on Twitter
Look what's trending on Twitter!

28 June 2014


What a surprise it was to receive Twitter's update on the things that had been Trending that week - only to discover I was one of the subjects!

Invisible had been talked about so much on the Twitter feeds that it had made it to the little news bulletin Twitter had sent out. It was hard to get a photo of it, but if you look at the top of the photograph you can make out it says 'Here's what's trending on Twitter this week', and there peeping out from the bottom of the photo is me and a Tweet all about Invisible.

It's good to know all the hard work is paying off! If you want to follow me on Twitter it's @BCopperthwait or @InvisibleWWYD. Alternatively, simply click the buttons below to be taken to Twitter.

Guest blog post published

27 June 2014


Wrate's Editing Services is not only a book editing company, its website also features articles about and featured posts and blogs from authors. So when I was invited to write a guest blog post about the ups and downs of self publishing, I jumped at the chance.

Although I didn't use a book editing service myself, I do think it's something every self-publishing author should think about very carefully. I am lucky, my years of experience as a journalist editing other people's copy proved vital, so I was able to manage just fine. But it's not something I would recommend for the majority of people.

To check out the post


Invisible's relentless climb up the charts continues

23 June 2014


Over the weekend psychological thriller broke it's own record once again, by climbing even higher up the bestseller chart.

The previous high of 30 didn't last for long, as sales continued to build despite there being no cut price incentives - and Invisible reached a new top place of Number 25. To reach the Top 25 of Amazon's bestseller list (Kindle Murder category) is a massive achievement for any debut novel, but especially so for a self-published author.


Bestseller Invisible, by Barbara Copperthwaite
Bestseller Invisible beside Stuart MacBride
A very proud moment

21 June 2014


This isn't really news, so please bear with me while i have a bit of an emotional moment...

It's a very, very proud moment when you realise you are sat beside one of your favourite authors on a Bestsellers List. I absolutely love Stuart MacBride. His novels are dark, inventive and with a wonderful humour running through them that is a touch of genius. Never heavy or plodding, they are a joy to read. And now my book is in the same list as him - in fact I'm right beside him!

So this is a bit of a 'dream come true' moment in all honesty, and I've got happy tears in my eyes as I'm typing this. I just had to share this moment with everyone!


INVISIBLE moves up the Bestseller list!

19 June 2014


Having just put together the news story below, I checked Amazon's bestseller list again...only to discover that Invisible has once again moved up the charts. It has climbed another place, to number 30.

Long may this upward trend continue!


INVISIBLE hits Bestsellers' record high

19 June 2014


Crime novel Invisible is breaking its own record high on Amazon's Bestsellers' list. It has now climbed from yesterday's number 38, and is currently sitting at number 31.

This impressive feat smashes its own previous record high of number 33, which was achieved last month during a price promotion. These latest sales, however, have been driven purely by word of mouth and a fantastic review from national women's magazine Bella (see  17 June's News story).


Click to

Barbara Copperthwaite, Invisible, Amazon bestseller
Invisible, Barbara Copperthwaite's bestseller
INVISIBLE hits number 38 in Bestsellers list!

18 June 2014


Psychological crime thriller Invisible is once again climbing the bestseller list.

As of this morning it sat at number 38 in Amazon's murder kindle list, it's highest place when not price-promoted. The possibility of beating its highest place ever (number 33) is within tantilising reach.

This is a great achievement for a self-published book, many of which sadly sink without trace. Fingers crossed it can continue to build on its current success.


Click to

Bella cover

Great review for


from Bella magazine!

17 June 2014


POPULAR women's weekly magazine, Bella, has featured Invisible in their book review section. They say:

"Told in the form of a diary, Invisible examines a mentally abusive and controlling relationship through the eyes of the wife. She knows her marriage isn't perfect but loves her husband unconditionally, despite the hours they spend apart. But is he all he seems?

"Totally gripping with scarily believable characters, this is one of the most assured debuts of the year."

That last line is now taking pride of place of the back cover of the paperback version of Invisible. It joins a review quote from Real People magazine, which says :"Gripping, dark, twisted - we loved it!"



Review, Invisible, Barbara Copperthwaite
Invisible review, Barbara Copperthwaite, Bella
Bestseller list re-entry for INVISIBLE!

15 June 2014


Invisible has entered Amazon's bestseller list for a second time - with no cut price offers, no gimmicks, just on the strength of growing word of mouth recommendation.

Last time it spent an incredible fortnight on the kindle murder bestseller list. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this time it will be there for even longer!

Want to try Invisible for yourself? Just click to

INVISIBLE now available in paperback!

6 June 2014


Now there are two ways to buy Invisible! Due to popular demand, my novel is out in paperback as well as Kindle ebook.

A number of potential buyers were disappointed that Invisible was only available as an ebook, as they preferred to have a physical book to own. Never one to disappoint, I immediately got onto the case. The result is a fabulous paperback, which features a cover created by the talented Paul Humphreys, who had already made my dream a reality with the Kindle cover.

Click to

Invisible, Barbara Copperthwaite, paperback
Go Be Wild, owner Barbara Copperthwaite
New website for Go Be Wild!

2 June 2014


I only started Go Be Wild! as a hobby but within a few weeks I wanted it to be more. Already what had seemed a pleasingly simple website was frustrating me, so I started to develop a better place for people to visit.

Now with its very own official domain name,, the new website has launched. It is much clearer and more interactive. Hopefully it is more user-friendly too! The Gallery has been massively improved and expanded, there are now in-depth features to enjoy, and plenty of links to make it easier for visitors to get involved with various wildlife projects in their locality.

Local Girl Does Good

17 May 2014


My old local paper, the Skegness Standard, has run an article about me and the success of Invisible.

I was raised in the seaside town of Skegness and I started out as a cub reporter on the Skeggy Standard - I have many happy memories of my time on the newspaper, so it made it extra special that this was my first piece of publicity.


INVISIBLE becomes Amazon bestseller!

11 May 2014


Having seen my novel smash into Amazon's Top 100 just days before, I watched in amazement as it climbed higher and higher up the sales ranks, peaking at number 33!

When you self-publish a book you inevitably have to be realistic about sales. But that doesn't stop you dreaming of one day becoming a bestseller. It's hard to believe that Invisible had made my dreams come true just six weeks after being available to buy.

Invisible, Barbara Copperthwaite, bestseller